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Would like to say a big thank you to Domingo for dealing with an outstanding legal matter that has been in the background for over 20 years. From the outset he has delivered on everything he said he would, with so much ease and to a high level, and such a reasonable price. I wish I had contacted him years ago. Thanks mate!
Lee Bassnett
Lee Bassnett
13 May 2024
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Arrest Warrant Check

This service is available across Spain

Who Is This Service For?

This service is for individuals who suspect that an arrest warrant may have been issued against them in Spain. 

Typically, these are persons who have had encounters with the Spanish legal system, whether through direct involvement in criminal cases, as suspects, or through indirect association with criminal activities. 

Not knowing their legal standing can be distressing and disruptive to their daily lives. 

The service is particularly beneficial for those who fear arrest and legal repercussions on returning to Spain, maybe for a holiday with family members. 

Confirming that no arrest warrant is outstanding can bring great relief and certainty when making travel plans to Spain. 

On the other hand, confirming the existence of an arrest warrant and understanding its implications, allows our clients to make informed decisions and take necessary steps to address the situation, thereby alleviating their fears and uncertainties.

Who Is This Service For?


At Advocate Abroad we have assisted many clients in this position, even those who may not remember their file number, nor the court that sentenced them. 

We liaise with Spanish law enforcement agencies and judicial authorities in order to investigate the legal proceedings that took place and provide a court bank account number for payment of any outstanding fines or penalties, so you can travel to the country freely and without being worried about potential detention by the border police.

If an arrest warrant is found, the client is informed about the specifics of the warrant, including the charges, the issuing authority, and any applicable legal provisions. 

Based on this information, legal advice can be provided on the possible courses of action, which may include contesting the warrant, or other legal remedies available under Spanish law.



  • Upon completion of this service, clients gain clarity on their legal status in Spain, which is a significant relief for those living under the shadow of uncertainty and fear of arrest when visiting Spain.
  • Understanding whether an arrest warrant exists and the details of such a warrant empowers clients to make informed decisions about their next steps. 
  • It provides them with an opportunity to proactively address the legal issue, whether it involves preparing a defence, negotiating with authorities, or complying with legal obligations. 
  • This proactive approach often results in better legal outcomes and can prevent exacerbation of the situation. 
  • Furthermore, the knowledge and guidance provided through this service assist in reducing the stress and anxiety associated with legal uncertainties.

What Does This Service Consist Of?

  1. Initial Consultation: Gathering detailed information from the client about their identity, background, and any relevant interactions with the Spanish legal system.
  2. Investigation: Liaising with the Spanish court system to check for any arrest warrants.
  3. Verification with Authorities: Communicating with Spanish law enforcement and judicial authorities to verify details of any discovered warrant.
  4. Informing: Providing you with detailed information about the arrest warrant, if one is found, including the nature of charges and legal implications.
  5. Legal Counselling: Offering expert legal advice on the options available, tailored to the specifics of the arrest warrant and any other relevant circumstances.
  6. Action Plan Development: Assisting in formulating a strategy to address the legal issues, which may include preparing for a legal defence, negotiating with authorities, or other relevant legal actions.
What Does This Service Consist Of?

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