Energy Certificate Required for Property Sales/Rentals in SpainWhat does the survey consist of?


Under the new rules homes will be given an ‘Energy Efficiency’ rating, from A-G, similar to that given to domestic appliances, whereby A is the most efficient and G is the least. In this way a purchaser or tenant will be able to compare the ratings of various properties before choosing which one they prefer to purchase or rent. This would act as an incentive for homeowners to improve their rating, thereby making properties in Spain more energy efficient i.e greener.

The survey will test the production of CO2 per mthat is required, under conditions of normal usage, to provide the home with light, hot and sanitary water, and an ambient temperature (heating in the winter months and air conditioning the rest of the year). Those homes producing less than 6.8Kg CO2/m2    will be given an ‘A’ rating.

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