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12 Jul 2024
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Extradition Proceedings

This service is available across Spain

Client Profile: Who Needs This Service?

  • Individuals facing extradition proceedings in Spain require experienced representation. 
  • This service is perfect for persons whom foreign States seek to extradite due to alleged criminal activities or extant legal issues. 
  • The abruptness and severity of extradition proceedings can be daunting, often causing distress and uncertainty. Our service aims to alleviate these challenges by providing professional legal counsel throughout the Spanish extradition process, ensuring that every procedural requisite is met while safeguarding our clients rights and interests.
Client Profile: Who Needs This Service?


This service may be availed of by anyone detained in Spain pursuant to a warrant for their arrest issued in another country – often another European State, under the European Arrest Warrant process, though potentially from any other State.


Procedure: Our Approach

  1. Initially, an examination of the extradition request is performed to ascertain its legality and adherence to bilateral or multilateral agreements. 
  2. Following this, a meticulous preparation for the extradition hearing ensues, where arguments against extradition are framed and presented. 
  3. Throughout this procedure, we ensure constant communication with the client, explaining each stage and the implications therein, while crafting a robust defence to challenge the extradition request.
Procedure: Our Approach


  • Engaging our service provides our clients with a fighting chance against extradition, with professional guidance at every stage. 
  • Clients are prepared with an overview of the Spanish extradition legal process, enabling them to make informed decisions. 
  • Moreover, a proficient from experienced criminal defence lawyers can significantly enhance the prospects of averting extradition, thus providing a semblance of control in an otherwise tumultuous situation. 

Key Elements of this Service

  1. Initial Consultation: Understanding the intricacies of the extradition request and the client’s legal standing.
  2. Review of Extradition Request: Scrutinising the request to ensure it complies with legal standards and identifying potential grounds for challenging it.
  3. Preparation for Hearing: Drafting a compelling defence, gathering requisite evidence, and preparing the client for the extradition hearing.
  4. Representation in Court: Vigorous representation in the extradition proceedings to challenge the request.
  5. Post-hearing Follow-up: Keeping the client informed on the verdict and exploring further legal avenues if necessary.
  6. Communication with Foreign Legal Institutions: If required, liaising with foreign legal representatives to coordinate on cross-border legal matters pertaining to the extradition case.
Key Elements of this Service

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