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Rakesh Rathod
Rakesh Rathod
14 Jun 2024

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Contest a Will

This service is available across Croatia

Who Is This Service For?

  • Heirs or family members who suspect their inheritance rights have been overlooked or unfairly diminished may seek to contest a Will in Croatia.
  • This includes individuals believing the Will was executed under circumstances that compromise its validity, such as duress, fraud, or the testator's incapacity.
  • Or indeed, beneficiaries seeking to challenge the equity of the Will’s provisions.
Who Is This Service For?

Be Prepared...

  • Documentary evidence of kinship to the deceased or a legitimate interest in the estate.
  • Indications that the Will's validity is questionable, supported by medical records, witness testimonies, or other pertinent evidence.
Be Prepared...

Procedure: Our Approach

  1. Initial Consultation: Gathering critical information and documents to establish the foundation of your case.
  2. Legal Analysis: Evaluating the will's legality based on Croatian inheritance laws, particularly focusing on the Civil Obligations Act (Zakon o obveznim odnosima) and the Law on Inheritance Proceedings (Zakon o nasljednom postupku), which dictate the procedures and grounds for contesting a will.
  3. Court Representation: Advocating on your behalf in inheritance disputes, leveraging legal precedents and statutory provisions to challenge the will's legitimacy.
Procedure: Our Approach

Benefits of this Service

  • Specialized Expertise: Leveraging detailed knowledge of Croatian inheritance law to navigate contestation processes effectively.
  • Customized Legal Strategy: Crafting a case-specific approach, considering the nuances of your situation.
  • Comprehensive Support: Providing peace of mind through expert legal representation during this challenging time.
Benefits of this Service

Key Components of this Service

  • In-depth legal support tailored to contesting wills, from preliminary advice to courtroom representation.
  • Strategies aimed at preserving familial harmony, whilst robustly protecting your inheritance rights.
  • Exploration of all legal routes to question the will's validity, underpinned by specific Croatian laws and regulations.
Key Components of this Service

Useful Information

  • Croatian inheritance law stipulates clear guidelines for contesting a Will, focusing on ensuring the testator's intentions were freely made and accurately represented. 
  • The law recognizes various grounds for contestation, such as duress, fraud, or lack of testamentary capacity, under the Civil Obligations Act and the Law on Inheritance Proceedings. 
  • These statutes provide a legal framework to challenge a will's validity, emphasizing the importance of a fair and just process for all parties involved.
Useful Information

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