Enduring Power of Attorney: Guardianship in Cyprus

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Christopher Hobbs
Christopher Hobbs
06 Feb 2024

Service Details

Enduring Power of Attorney: Guardianship

This service is available across Cyprus

Client Profile: Who Needs This Service?

  • English-speakers with a partner or family member suffering from dementia in Cyprus
  • Need assistance in legal and healthcare decision-making
Client Profile: Who Needs This Service?

Process: Our Approach

  1. Assessment of Mental Capacity: Understanding the specific mental state of the parent at the time of signing, in line with Cyprus law, which recognises fluctuating mental states.
  2. Legal Documentation: Preparation and filing of power of attorney documents, ensuring compliance with Cypriot law.
  3. Facilitate notary Services: Involvement of a notary for validating the power of attorney, crucial under Cyprus law.
  4. One-Year Validity: Aligning with the Cypriot legal system, which typically considers a reasonable validity period for power of attorney as one year.
Process: Our Approach

Benefits to Clients

  • Expertise in Cypriot legal requirements for power of attorney
  • Full legal representation and advice on Cyprus' power of attorney laws
  • Bilingual legal support in English and Greek
  • Comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by expats
  • Assistance in dealing with fluctuating mental capacity issues
Benefits to Clients

Key Components of this Service

  • Legal Counsel on Cypriot Legislation: Offering guidance on the nuances of Cypriot legislation, in particular Cyprus' Contacts Law Cap. 149 regarding mental capacity and power of attorney and including specific clauses relevant to dementia cases.
  • Representation in Legal Proceedings: Providing representation in any required legal proceedings or hearings related to obtaining power of attorney.
  • Assistance with Complex Legal Issues: Tackling complex issues like potential disputes over the power of attorney or challenges to its validity.
  • Liaison with Healthcare Providers: Facilitating communication and legal processes with healthcare providers in Cyprus.
  • Tailored legal solutions: for both health and financial power of attorney
Key Components of this Service

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