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      Teresa read law at the University of Coimbra. She is specialised in civil law, contracts, property and inheritance case, with more than 10 years representing international clients. She holds a postgraduate degree in Banking, Stock Exchange and Insurance Law and also holds the specialization course leading to the degree of Master of Corporate Law. A well-known speaker, Teresa's research focuses on issues of economic and financial law, as well as fundamental rights. She speaks English fluently.
      Cases completed: 66
      Testimonials for Teresa
      • Hayley Bull
        Hayley Bull, Aveiro

        Excellent advice given by Teresa and a speedy service. Will be using again.

        Nov 03, 2020
      • Krzysztof Wiszniowski
        Krzysztof Wiszniowski, Porto

        Very responsive and helpful.

        Oct 30, 2020
      • Fernando Alvarado Jacobs
        Fernando Alvarado Jacobs, Aveiro

        Teresa responded to my request immediately and understood directly and fully my case. Besides the description I gave about of my case, she "read between the lines", and got both the whole picture and every single detail.

        She then very quickly went to the practical phase, and solved everything correctly and very fast. During the whole process Teresa was very friendly, easy to deal with, professional and at the same time personal. I will definitely continue to consult her.

        Oct 23, 2020
      • Ian Timms
        Ian Timms, Moraira, Spain

        I was very pleased with the service provided by Teresa,the issue was resolved within the set financial budget, I would not hesitate in recommending Teresa, thanks again

        Oct 23, 2020
      • Reine Ramon
        Reine Ramon, Canidelo

        Teresa was totally professional...I am a jurist myself...but more, she went above and beyond due diligence.the kind of lawyer who inspires trust and a confidence in the process because she takes the time for attention to every detail, with immense patience, kindness and aforethought.

        Oct 22, 2020
      • Kevin Cheeseman
        Kevin Cheeseman, Viseu

        Teresa was extremely helpful. We couldn't have navigated the minefield of Portuguese bureaucracy so smoothly without her help. We're very happy to have her as our new Lawyer.

        Oct 22, 2020
      • Christian Figueroa
        Christian Figueroa, Aveiro

        Excellent service and professional attention, the level of advice shows that the lawyer truly cares about his client.

        Oct 14, 2020
      • Ralph Higgs
        Ralph Higgs, São Pedro de Tomar

        Teresa was incredibly quick, and never lost an opportunity to speed something up. We'd never have thought it possible to purchase a house in so short a time, let alone in a strange country!

        Sep 29, 2020
      • Adrien Zalberg
        Adrien Zalberg, Aveiro

        Super happy with my new lawyer

        Teresa is very helpful

        Aug 28, 2020
      • Antonio Romani
        Antonio Romani, Aveiro

        From the first contact, she has been very professional, informative and provided an excellent service at a reasonable cost—fast and accurate work.

        I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone requiring legal services.

        Aug 07, 2020
      • Rachel Stevenson
        Rachel Stevenson, Peniche

        Teresa is very responsive and anticipates any questions we might have. She is also very good at explaining issues thoroughly and highlighting areas that will need closer inspection or caution.

        I would definitely recommend her services.

        Jul 27, 2020
      • Alex Anderson
        Alex Anderson, Coimbra

        Teresa is an actual profesional. She detected problems and possible dangers, saving me a lot of money and stress. I have a lawyer now that i know represents my interests. This means i have peace of mind and someone to go to for help.

        I really could not do this without Teresa. first place, first class lawyer. I will remain a client and in the future when I start a company I will rest easily knowing Teresa is protecting and advising me. Thank you again.

        Jul 22, 2020
      • Claire Maciel
        Claire Maciel, Portimão

        Teresa was very professional & friendly, I felt at ease with her immediately, I wish to thank her for all her help during a difficult time in my life.

        Jun 20, 2020
      • Mrs Ruth Rettie
        Mrs Ruth Rettie, Australia

        We found Teresa to be very helpful , supplied useful information regarding getting our Fiscal number, and about getting help with purchasing a property in Portugal.

        Oct 01, 2018
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