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Inmaculada provided a fast and professional service legalizing my Spanish documents and providing advice on International marriage documentation requirements. I have engaged with quite a few Lawyers in Spain over the years and lost faith until Inma changed my mind on Spanish Lawyers. She will be my go-to Lawyer for any future legal matters here in Spain. I totally recommend this company and Inma in particular.
Ian Aitchison
Ian Aitchison
23 May 2023
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Marriage Registration

This service is available across Spain

Who Is This Service For?

This service caters to individuals who have been married in a foreign country and are looking to register their marriage in Spain. 

The typical profile of a person requiring this service could be someone with ties to Spain, either through nationality or residency, seeking to ensure their marital status is recognized within the country. 

The usual problems faced by such individuals include the lack of legal recognition for their foreign marriage in Spain which may result in issues such as loss of automatic inheritance rights, tax benefits etc.

By availing of this service, these individuals can have their foreign marriage duly registered in the Spanish Civil Registry, thereby avoiding legal complications and ensuring their marital rights are upheld in Spain.


The primary requirement for registering a foreign marriage in Spain is that at least one of the spouses should hold Spanish nationality. 

It's essential that the marriage is recognized as valid in the country where it took place, as marriages not recognized in the country of origin will not be recognized in Spain either. 

Additionally, while it's not mandatory to register a foreign marriage in Spain, it's highly advised to avoid potential legal issues. The international regulation regarding the applicable law will depend on the nationality of the spouses, which is something to consider as part of the eligibility criteria.


The procedure to register a foreign marriage in Spain involves several steps:

  1. Initially, verifying the validity of the marriage in the country where it took place is crucial. 
  2. Following verification, the necessary documentation must be prepared and submitted to the Spanish Civil Registry. 
  3. The law governing this process is derived from various sources including Spanish Civil Law, European Regulation, and the Hague Convention. 

It's advisable to engage a lawyer well-versed in Spanish and international marriage laws to navigate through the process seamlessly.


Registering a foreign marriage in Spain comes with a myriad of benefits.

  • It provides legal recognition to the marriage in Spain, which in turn, prevents issues like bigamy and ensures automatic inheritance rights. 
  • Moreover, registration can lead to tax deductions on the annual income tax return (IRPF) in Spain. 
  • For the foreign spouse, registration opens up the possibility to apply for residency and even Spanish nationality, facilitating a more secure and legally recognized family life in Spain.

What Does This Service Consist Of?

  1. Marriage Verification: Conducting a thorough review and verification of the marriage's validity in the country where it took place.
  2. Documentation Preparation: Preparing all the necessary documentation required for the registration process.
  3. Submission to Spanish Civil Registry: Submitting the prepared documentation to the Spanish Civil Registry for registration.
  4. Legal Advice: Providing legal advice on the implications and benefits of registering the marriage in Spain, based on the governing laws including Spanish Civil Law, European Regulation, and the Hague Convention.
  5. Tax Benefits Guidance: Offering guidance on the tax benefits such as deductions on the annual income tax return (IRPF) associated with marriage registration in Spain.
  6. Residency and Nationality Applications: Assisting the foreign spouse with residency and nationality applications in Spain post marriage registration.
  7. Continuous Support: Providing ongoing support throughout the registration process, ensuring a smooth experience for the client.

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