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Ronda Zelezny-Green
Ronda Zelezny-Green
15 Jan 2024

Family Law

If you are an English-speaking expat, married and living in Spain and in need of advice as to your legal rights, you have come to the right place.

Our experienced English-speaking divorce lawyers in Spain don't only represent clients in divorce proceedings, but are on hand to provide crucial advice on the implications of divorce and separation, before you take such an important decision - or indeed, before you even get married!

There are many aspects to family law - especially when children are involved - and, accordingly, getting advice from experienced family lawyers is extremely useful when contemplating legal steps to enforce or protect your rights in Spain.

So, whatever your particular situation, getting practical advice from seasoned Spanish family lawyers is the best first step you can take.

Family Law
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Divorce in Spain: Requirements, Legal Effects & Process

Divorce can often be a complex and emotionally difficult process to endure. However, for those who have married abroad and must go through a divorce in Spain, there are the additional difficulties and uncertainties related to language and foreign laws, not to mention potentially little or no emotional support for those who are '... Read More

Spanish Divorce Law

More and more often the subject of divorce in Spain arises where there are spouses  from different countries. This throws up the possibility of other states' laws becoming relevant to the situation. So while Spanish divorce law is applicable, it does not operate in a vacuum and we must consider the laws of other states also.In... Read More

Distribution of Matrimonial Assets following divorce in Spain

All you need to know about property assets when divorcing in SpainFollowing on from the extensive overview of divorce in Spain, we focus here on one of the most contentious issues when a marriage breaks-up: how are matrimonial assets distributed following the end of the marriage?The Application of Spanish LawTypically, Spanish l... Read More

The Marital Home after divorce or separation

The matrimonial home is considered to be a special type of asset under Spanish divorce law. Property that is used by any children of a broken-down relationship will in particular be considered to be for the use of the children primarily, and their parents secondarily. That being the case, in such circumstances it may be treated ... Read More

Express Divorce in Spain

Express DivorceThe Express Divorce process was introduced in Spain in 2005 and can be broken down to the following elements:Reasons for choosing Express Divorce ProceedingsBenefits - Costs & TimeRequirements for an Express DivorceSteps to an Express DivorceThe 'Convenio' AgreementOther Aspects of an Express DivorceWhy apply for ... Read More

Not married in Spain? Need to register a foreign marriage?

Are you married in a foreign country and wish to register the marriage in Spain?Where do you register a foreign marriage in Spain?The main requirement to register your foreign marriage in the Spanish Civil Registry is that, at least, one of the spouses has the Spanish nationality.Please note that if the marriage is not recognise... Read More

Child Support In Spain

A divorce in Spain does not in any way reduce the responsibilities - financial or otherwise - that a parent has towards their child. In fact, child support in Spain has been growing important in Family Law: worth being aware. When dealing with the topic of child support and parental responsibility, the concept of child maintenan... Read More

International Divorce for UK Citizens

For those persons considering a divorce in Spain, a common query relates to how the divorce process in Spain differs from other jurisdictions. Well, of course this rather depends on which jurisdictions we are comparing. Here we take a very brief look some major variations on how the law operates with regard to divorce proceeding... Read More

Child custody in Spain - Impact on Divorce Settlements

The Justice Minister has announced that Article 92 of the Spanish Civil Code is to be changed so that judges hearing a divorce in Spain may award joint custody of any children where the interest of the children require it, and not merely in ‘exceptional circumstances’. The amendment ought to be in place within six months. O... Read More

Express Divorce FAQ

Are you seeking a divorce in Spain?There are many fronts to keep in mind when going through the process of divorce in Spain: this article discusses the main benefits of express divorce in Spain. Keep reading and you may find a quick solution for a clean end of marriage. Starting at €600 + IVA our service saves you as much as 5... Read More

Alimony Spain - Relevant points and objective

Alimony in Spain is a financial payment made by one of the spouses to the other following divorce in Spain. Alimony payments to ex-spouses are far less likely to be awarded than awards in favour of children. Relevant FactorsThe basic rule is that alimony should only be awarded where one of the spouses is clearly disadvantaged e... Read More

Divorce Application Form Download

Application FormTo download the application form simply left-click  on the Word Document Icon - you can then print if required.    There are detailed instructions on how to complete the form included. ... Read More

Fathers Rights Spain

BackgroundSpanish divorce law permits the custody of the children to be awarded to either parent following their parents' divorce.Although there have been recent developments that suggest the judiciary is beginning to apply more weight to the role of the father in the upbringing of the children, in approximately 95% of cases, cu... Read More

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