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I needed a lawyer since I got in trouble with getting a money refund after cancelling a car reservation due to fraudulent information posted on the internet by the car dealer. I then contacted Advocate Abroad and my case was followed by Maria, one of the lawyers of the team. Thanks to her action I was able to get back in few days a relevant part of the money and this I consider an absolute success. When dealing with Maria I built the strong opinion that she is a smart, excellent and reliable professional, coming quickly to the point of the matter. I would absolutely recommend her and Advocate Abroad in the future to friends who could need legal support in Spain, and I would myself contact them again in case of need.
Marco Bruschi
Marco Bruschi
03 May 2023
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Service Details

Contractual Disputes

This service is available across Spain

Who Is This Service For?

Both in business and in personal relationships, we undertake to abide by contractual terms all the time . These terms can be related to the provision of a service by a company, or a private agreement between individuals.

Unfortunately, the parties to agreements do not always abide by the terms and as a result the other party to the contract may need to take legal action to protect their interests.

What Does This Service Consist Of?

  • An initial discussion with an experienced English-speaking lawyer to understand the details of the contract and the breach
  • The lawyer will confirm the availability of legal remedies or potential liabilities and present the options
  • The lawyer will contact the other party formally to begin negotiating an amicable resolution to the matter
  • Initiate/defend judicial proceedings where an amicable solution is not possible
  • Representation in judicial proceedings seeking the appropriate remedy (damages, specific performance, restitution or cancellation)

Free Support Services Included

When combined with the free and innovative Advocate Abroad support services you can be sure that you are obtaining completely transparent legal services from registered and regulated English-speaking lawyers abroad.These support services include:

  • Verification of the regulatory status of your professional.
  • Fees as recommended by the Local Professional Body
  • Fees specified in advance and legally guaranteed.
  • Service levels agreed in advance and guaranteed.
  • All professionals must hold professional indemnity insurance.
  • Professionals' proficiency in English monitored.
  • Continuous quality controls and reviews.

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