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I needed a lawyer since I got in trouble with getting a money refund after cancelling a car reservation due to fraudulent information posted on the internet by the car dealer. I then contacted Advocate Abroad and my case was followed by Maria, one of the lawyers of the team. Thanks to her action I was able to get back in few days a relevant part of the money and this I consider an absolute success. When dealing with Maria I built the strong opinion that she is a smart, excellent and reliable professional, coming quickly to the point of the matter. I would absolutely recommend her and Advocate Abroad in the future to friends who could need legal support in Spain, and I would myself contact them again in case of need.
Marco Bruschi
Marco Bruschi
03 May 2023
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Litigation & General Claims
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Making Consumer Complaints in Spain - what are your options?

Every citizen, customer or consumer who believes that a company or professional whose services they hired has infringed their rights may: Contact the customer service department of the particular company or professional, if any, to explain the situation, and If an amicable agreement cannot be reached or if the solution... Read More

Right to Receive Compensation after a fall in a Commercial Establisment

I have suffered a fall in an establishment that is open to the public - do I have a right to compensation?---Article 1902 of the Spanish Civil Code establishes that, ‘anyone whose action or omission causes another to suffer injury or damage , involving intention or negligence, shall be obliged to remedy the  injury or damage ... Read More

Non-Paying Customers in Spain

We are a UK company that sent a shipment of our products to a distributor in Spain without billing in advance as normal (an oversight due to a seasonal rush). The distributor has failed to pay, offering various excuses, including that the shipments did not match their orders, which is patently untrue. Given that we did not sign... Read More

Bought a 'lemon' online? What are your legal options?

Perhaps as a result of the crisis economica, and certainly due to the continuing proliferation of the internet, it has become more and more common for people to seek bargains online, often buying second-hand articles from their previous owner  - someone hoping to make some money out of  an unneeded or unwanted purchase or pres... Read More

Consumer Rights Relating to Internet Purchases in Spain

Buying over the internet is a convenient form of purchasing an ever-increasing variety of goods and services. It can be even more convenient for non-Spanish residents who are unable to find a supplier of products or services they need in their local area in Spain. Of course, while many have a trouble-free experience, it is not a... Read More