Landlord-Tenant Dispute in Spain

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08 Sep 2023

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Landlord-Tenant Dispute

This service is available across Spain

Who Is This Service For?

Given the importance of property leasing to the lives of most tenants, it is unsurprising that this issue gives rise to one of the most common reasons for needing legal advice. 

While it can surely be claimed that tenants are typically at a disadvantage in the negotiations, at times landlords suffer and are left out of pocket due to activities of their tenants. 

This service is for expats, renting property in Spain - whether as a tenant or landlord - who confront disputes or face challenges related to lease agreements, extensions to rental durations, property status and repairs, or tenant obligations and entitlements, especially concerning the reimbursement of deposit funds.

This service strives to guide parties through a rental agreement in comprehending and executing their rights, manoeuvring through Spanish tenant laws, and efficiently settling any emergent disagreements, ensuring a steady and safeguarded leasing experience in Spain.



Even in instances where a documented contract is absent or lacking, an implied lease might be recognised in the Spanish Rental Market, provided there is a landlord-tenant relationship, and rent is being paid and received; therefore, no specific prerequisites are necessary to utilize this legal service.

The Ley de Arrendamiento Urbano (LAU) usually regulates the conditions of a lease - be it expressly drafted or implied by the actions and behaviours of the involved parties, and tenants might still be bestowed certain rights and safeguards under Spanish law, like the right to annually renew the lease up to a specified timeframe unless otherwise negotiated.


When a dispute between landlord and tenant arises, our lawyers will review and understanding the rental agreement, which should specify the identities of the contracting parties, the property to be leased, the duration of the lease, and the rent to be paid. 

The lawyers will describe and explain the rights and responsibilities of both tenants and landlords, including rental payment and utility bills settlement, property upkeep, and adherence to community rules. 

In case of disputes or issues, tenants and landlords alike, can seek legal counsel to understand their rights under the Ley de Arrendamiento Urbano (LAU) and pursue appropriate legal remedies, such as mediation or litigation, to resolve conflicts.


  • Engaging this service offers tenants and landlords the advantage of experienced English-speaking lawyers who are well-versed in Spanish leasing laws, ensuring clear communication and effective legal representation. 
  • This service aids in the resolution of disputes, protection of rights, and enforcement of lease agreements, providing peace of mind to all parties to the lease. 
  • It also facilitates a better understanding of Spanish rental laws and lease clauses, empowering tenants and landlords to make informed decisions and avoid potential legal pitfalls during their stay in Spain.

What Does This Service Consist Of?

This service consists of:

  1. Reviewing and interpreting lease agreements, 
  2. Advising on tenant and landlord rights and responsibilities under Spanish law to ensure compliance with Spanish rental laws
  3. Assisting in resolving disputes. 
  4. Representation in negotiations to attempt to reach the best, low-cost resolution
  5. Ultimate resort to legal proceedings if no other resolution possible legal proceedings
  6. This comprehensive service aims to ensure that tenants and landlords are well-informed, legally protected, and able to enjoy a hassle-free renting experience in Spain.

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