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Katarzyna Chabinka
Katarzyna Chabinka
26 Apr 2024
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Smuggling Offences

This service is available across Turkey

Who Is This Service For?

This service is for anyone who finds themselves having to confront smuggling charges within Turkey’s jurisdiction.

Typically, these individuals are those who have been accused of illegally transporting goods or substances across the border of Turkey. 

The profile of our clients often includes both local nationals and foreigners who may have been unaware of stringent customs regulations in place in Turkey or were misled into carrying contraband. 

They face daunting challenges: navigating a foreign legal system, overcoming language barriers, and the risk of severe penalties. 

Our legal service provides a lifeline by offering expert defence strategies, ensuring fair treatment in the judicial process, and striving for the best possible outcomes, which can range from reduced sentences to acquittal.

Who Is This Service For?


Upon engagement, the legal procedure commences with an initial consultation to understand the specifics of the smuggling accusation. This may take place at the police station if the accused is being held there, or at our local offices.

We then undertake a thorough review of the charges, the evidence presented, and the circumstances of the arrest. 

Our legal team will work diligently to identify any procedural errors and to ensure that the rights of the accused have been preserved throughout the process. This includes preparing for preliminary hearings, engaging in negotiations with prosecutors, and, if necessary, proceeding to trial. 

Throughout this process, we maintain clear communication with our clients, providing updates and legal counsel. The aim is to reach a resolution that minimally impacts the client’s personal and professional life.



Clients availing themselves of our services gain several critical benefits. 

  • Expert legal representation can significantly alter the course of a smuggling case, potentially resulting in dismissal of charges or lesser penalties. 
  • Clients will benefit from a robust defence that understands the nuances of smuggling laws in Turkey and leverages this knowledge to protect their rights. 
  • Additionally, the emotional and psychological burden is greatly reduced when a knowledgeable advocate navigates the legal waters on the client’s behalf. 
  • Ultimately, the benefit is the peace of mind that comes from having experienced legal support in a time of crisis.

What Does This Service Consist Of?

The service unfolds in a series of methodical steps:

  1. Case Assessment: Analyse the details of the arrest and charges to identify a defence strategy.
  2. Evidence Review: Scrutinize the prosecution's evidence for legality and reliability.
  3. Legal Guidance: Offer comprehensive advice on the applicable law in Turkey pertaining to smuggling offences.
  4. Documentation: Prepare all necessary legal documents and submissions to the court.
  5. Representation: Act as the client’s representative in all legal proceedings, ensuring their voice is heard and rights defended.
  6. Negotiation: Engage with prosecutors to negotiate charges and potential penalties.
  7. Trial Preparation: If a trial is necessary, prepare a compelling case to present before the judge.
  8. Support Services: Provide translation and additional support services to navigate the legal system in Turkey effectively.

By undertaking these steps, we aim to deliver a service that not only addresses the immediate legal concerns but also provides a foundation for the future stability of our clients.

What Does This Service Consist Of?

Free Support Services Included

When combined with the free and innovative Advocate Abroad support services you can be sure that you are obtaining completely transparent legal services from registered and regulated English-speaking lawyers abroad.These support services include:

  • Verification of the regulatory status of your professional.
  • Fees as recommended by the Local Professional Body
  • Fees specified in advance and legally guaranteed.
  • Service levels agreed in advance and guaranteed.
  • All professionals must hold professional indemnity insurance.
  • Professionals' proficiency in English monitored.
  • Continuous quality controls and reviews.

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