Data Protection Laws in Turkey

Data Protection Laws in Turkey: discover what only the top, expert data protection lawyers in Turkey know about data protection laws in turkey

According to the Turkish Personal Data Protection Law (The Law), a data controller who possesses others’ personal data is obliged to inform the data owners about their rights and the data, why they collect the data, how long they will store and use it and whether they will transfer your data to others or abroad. The companies that are setting-up in Turkey need to well aware of their data protection obligations or otherwise they may face fines up to TRY 1.8 million (app. EUR 200.000) as of 2020.

The Law states that data owners can request the correction of any inaccuracies in their personal data or request that it be deleted. They can also object to the negative consequences of their personal data being processed by computers.

For example, if the information of the work you do in the workplace is collected and analysed by a computer and your performance is determined as a result, you may object. If you suffer damage as a result of the use of your personal data, you can also claim compensation for this damage. You can also file a criminal complaint directly before the public prosecutor.

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