Fines arising from Coronavirus Restrictions

Thousands of people in Spain have received fines as a result of contravening the laws in place in order to contain the Coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus fine: Fines arising from Coronavirus Restrictions

Thousands of people in Spain have received fines as a result of contravening the laws in place as a result of the State of Emergency declared in Spain in order to contain the Coronavirus pandemic. Usually this is confirmed by tickets being handed-out by police in the streets.

However, in legal terms, these are just propositions of fines that will have to be processed formally by the Spanish Government, within 12 months from the day that the fine took place. An appeal can therefore be successful if the Government fails to process the fine – including any appeal against it – within that time-frame.

Apeal fines arising from Coronavirus Restrictions

In order to begin an appeal it is necessary for confirmation of the fine to arrive at the residence of the person fined, in the normal way. Once this happens, we would strongly recommend anyone who has received such a fine to contact Advocate Abroad with a view to appealing the fine. Full details of the process and how such fines may be successfully appealed are available upon request.

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