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Kubra was extremely knowledgeable about Turkish law and my options as a dual Turkish/American citizen living abroad. I was blown away by how quickly she assessed my situation. At every step along the way, she provided me with options for the next step. I never felt stuck or pressured to go in a certain direction. Costs were discussed in advance. They were very reasonable for the work performed. I truly felt that I had someone on my side at every step along the way. Kubra is extremely friendly and very professional. I will definitely continue using her services for any other legal issue that I have to address in Turkey.
Cheryl Toksoz
Cheryl Toksoz
28 Apr 2022

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Family Law
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Turkish Family Law

An important aspect of Turkish family law is that of child support and the maintenance that a parent may be required to provide to maintain any children of the marriage. Below you will find some useful information detailing how Turkish law manage the concept of child support where marriages break down.What does child support in ... Read More

Divorcing a Turkish Man

Going through a divorce in a foreign country may cause a lot of distress for several reasons. While divorcing a Turkish man, the language barrier may hinder a clear understanding of the ongoing situation and the foreign wife can easily be intimidated and so prevented from enjoying her basic rights concerning a divorce since it i... Read More

Divorce in Turkey

Introduction For those who are married to a national of their own country, a divorce in that country brings the marriage to an end. However, if you have a Turkish spouse, a divorce in a foreign country will not have any legal effect in Turkey unless the divorce decree is recognised by the Turkish Courts. In such cases, rather ... Read More