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Rakesh Rathod
Rakesh Rathod
14 Jun 2024

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General Insurance Claims

This service is available across Turkey

Who Can Benefit from this Service?

  • This service is crucial for individuals or businesses in Turkey who have faced rejection of their insurance claims. 
  • Especially useful for those unfamiliar with Turkish insurance law or the intricacies of dealing with insurance companies in Turkey, this service provides legal guidance and support to challenge unfair claim denials.
Who Can Benefit from this Service?


  • Early Legal Consultation: Engaging with a lawyer early in the process, preferably before filing a claim, can significantly increase the chances of a successful outcome. Legal representation is key in dealing with insurance companies that often seek reasons to deny claims​​.
  • Understanding Insurance Laws in Turkey: Turkish law imposes mandatory regulations on insurance contracts. Insurance covering losses from acts breaching mandatory rules, moral values, public order, or rights of persons is null and void. Main contents of insurance contracts must comply with general terms approved by the regulatory body, though special conditions can be included if not misleading​​.
  • Legal Remedies for Misrepresentation or Non-disclosure: Insurers may terminate the contract or demand a premium difference if the insured fails to disclose important information. In life insurance, termination is not possible after five years of coverage, but a premium difference can be claimed unless non-disclosure was intentional​​.
  • Time Limits for Claims: Immediate notification of the insurer upon risk materialization is crucial. Claims should generally be filed within two years from when payment falls due, with longer periods applicable in some cases like liability insurance​​.

Process: Our Approach

  1. Document Preparation and Legal Analysis: Assisting clients in preparing and analyzing necessary documentation for filing or appealing a claim, considering the specificities of Turkish insurance law.
  2. Negotiations with Insurance Companies: Experienced lawyers negotiate with insurance companies, aiming to secure the best possible outcome. They can handle communications and fight for fair settlements.
  3. Court Representation: If necessary, representing clients in Turkish Commercial Courts for insurance disputes. This includes handling all procedural aspects and advocating on the client’s behalf.
  4. Strategic Planning: Developing a strategy for each case based on the individual circumstances and the nuances of Turkish law. This includes advising on potential outcomes and the likelihood of success.
Process: Our Approach

Benefits - Why Choose Our Service

  • Expert guidance through Turkey’s insurance claim process and legal system.
  • Enhanced chances of successful claim resolution through professional negotiation and representation.
  • Comprehensive support in document handling and understanding legal obligations and rights.
  • Assistance in navigating the complexities of Turkish bureaucracy and insurance regulations.
Benefits - Why Choose Our Service

Key Features of this Service

  • Legal advice and representation for rejected insurance claims in Turkey.
  • Negotiation and communication with insurance companies.
  • Representation in Turkish Commercial Courts for insurance disputes.
  • Customized strategy development based on individual case analysis.
Key Features of this Service

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  • Continuous quality controls and reviews.
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