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At our first meeting, Kubra explained to me the whole process and the options we had as her client. She grasped the objectives that I wanted to attain, and then she laid out the plans and recommendations as well the cost associated with legal assistance. This demonstrates her ability to understand the area in which she operates. Furthermore, during the legal proceedings, I often got updated through her assistants that I believe is the key to form a good relationship between client and lawyer. In sum, I am pleased that I found Kubra through Advocate Abroad, and recommend Kubra to anyone who is seeking legal assistance in property disputes.
Hashim Sheerani
Hashim Sheerani
26 Mar 2024

Buying, Selling & Dealing with Property in Turkey

Buying, Selling & Dealing with Property in Turkey
Our Lawyers dealing with Buying, Selling & Dealing with Property in Turkey

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Buying property abroad in the era of higher interest rates

With the increase in globalisation and more people travelling than ever before, buying property abroad has become an increasingly popular option. International Property organisations have reported a steady rise in overseas property purchases over the past decade.This surge in popularity has been driven by factors such as lower i... Read More

Buying Land in Turkey

For the purposes of Turkish law - and similar to other jurisdictions - there are two main categories of land:Agricultural landZoned landWhat are the required documents to purchase land in Turkey?To be able to buy land in Turkey for investment or other purposes, you need to arrange the documentation listed below;A notarized trans... Read More

Sell Property In Turkey

Foreign individuals or companies who own real estate in Turkey may rent, sell or establish charges on the relevant property.It is possible to make a transaction regarding the sale with two basic contracts which are sales contracts and real estate sales promise contracts. According to Turkish Law, the sale of real estate can be c... Read More

Is it safe to buy property in Turkey?

Turkey, due to its natural beauty and warm Mediterranean climate, has become a popular location for the purchase of real estate by foreign investors. In accordance with the Land Registry Law, foreign nationals will be able to buy real estate in Turkey provided that they comply with the various legal rules and regulations.Is it s... Read More

Foreigners guide to Property Investment in Turkey

As the real estate market develops in Turkey, the Condominium Law is becoming the centre of attention. For those interested in buying property in Turkey, one of the frequent questions we receive relates to condominium ownership. What is Condominium Ownership?Condominium Ownership (“Kat Mülkiyeti” in Turkish) is a particul... Read More

Habitation Certificate in Turkey Explained

Purchasing a property has many compelling reasons considering the massive portfolio in the real estate market which offers a wide range of choice to foreign buyers from the basic and budget to luxury properties in coastal towns of the Black Sea, Aegean and Mediterranean or modern properties in big cities such as Istanbul, Izmir ... Read More

Buying Property in Turkey: the how-to Legal Guide

Welcome to the Advocate Abroad® guide to purchasing a property in Turkey! This property guide will give you an overview of the conveyancing process in Turkey, including information on both your and the seller's legal rights and obligations as well as pitfalls to avoid. Of course, no guide can take the place of independent lega... Read More

Buying Property in Turkey

Introduction As per Article 35 of the Land Registry Law No. 2644, amended by Law No. 6302 which entered into force on 18th May 2012, persons with foreign nationality buying property in Turkey (of any type: house, business place, land, field) in Turkey, may do so, as long as they abide by the legal restrictions. Persons with fo... Read More

Selling Property in Turkey

If you have a property in Turkey that you wish to sell, there are a number of important considerations to take into account. For example, at which stages do you have to be present? Or, can you sell your property via proxy/power of attorney? Once you have agreed on a price with the buyer and agreed on the terms and conditions of... Read More

Property Tax in Turkey

Anyone who owns a property (apartment, house, villa or land) in Turkey is liable to taxation according to the Turkish Tax law. Property tax is calculated yearly and it can be paid in two equal instalments per year during March and November to the local municipality. It can also be paid in one instalment. If the tax is not paid... Read More

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