Terminate Property Co-ownership - Force Property Sale in Turkey

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Christopher Hobbs
Christopher Hobbs
06 Feb 2024

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Terminate Property Co-ownership - Force Property Sale

This service is available across Turkey

Who Can Benefit from this Service?

  • Individuals or entities involved in a shared ownership of property in Turkey who wish to dissolve this partnership. 
  • This includes heirs of an estate, investors in joint property ventures, or co-owners looking to sell the property and divide the proceeds.
Who Can Benefit from this Service?


  • The termination of co-ownership typically requires the initiation of a lawsuit, unless an amicable agreement is reached among the co-owners. 
  • Documentation such as property deeds, identification of all co-owners, and any existing agreements concerning the property will be necessary.

Process: Step by Step

  1. Initiation of Legal Action: A lawsuit for the termination of co-ownership is filed in the competent court, which is usually the Peace Court (Sulh Hukuk Mahkemesi) located in the area where the property is situated.
  2. Valuation and Division: If the property can be physically divided without diminishing its value, the court may order such division. Otherwise, the court may decide to sell the property through a public auction and distribute the proceeds among the co-owners.
  3. Resolution: The process concludes with the physical division of the property or the sale and distribution of the proceeds, ensuring that all co-owners receive their fair share based on their ownership stake.
Process: Step by Step

Benefits - Why Choose Our Service

  • Expertise in Turkish property law and the specific legal procedures for terminating co-ownership.
  • Guidance through both negotiation and litigation phases, aiming for the most beneficial outcome for our clients.
  • Assistance in all related legal matters, including valuation, auction procedures, and final distribution of assets.
Benefits - Why Choose Our Service

Key Components of this Service

  • Legal representation in the lawsuit for the termination of co-ownership.
  • Negotiation support to reach an amicable agreement among co-owners, if possible.
  • Handling all procedural aspects, including court filings, property valuation, and auction organization.

This procedure can be complex, involving detailed legal and procedural requirements. Co-owners are advised to seek legal assistance to navigate this process effectively, ensuring that their rights are protected and that the outcome is equitable.

Key Components of this Service

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