Turkish Marriage Certificates

Turkish Marriage Certificates are issued as international and official multilingual documents that include spouse and children if any.
Article Last Updated: 17 May, 2024 under Birth or Marriage Certificate Applications

Turkish Marriage Certificates are issued as international and official multilingual documents that include the identity information of spouses and children (If they have any) that make up a family and proves the nationality of the persons listed in the certificate. This certificate is called the “International Marriage Certificate”.

An International Marriage Certificate is issued for reasons such as-

  • Marriage
  • Not having previously obtained an international Marriage Certificate despite marriage
  • Upon acquisition of  Turkish citizenship
  • Loss or destruction of the marriage certificate

1. Use of  Turkish Marriage Certificates Abroad

However, this document alone will not be accepted in some countries. In many cases, a spouse is going to need to obtain an apostille annotation for their marriage certificate.

In order to apply the Apostille Stamp to a Turkish marriage certificate, it is first necessary to obtain a formal copy of the marriage registration called the “Formula B” from any Provincial Civil Registration and Citizenship Affairs Directorates.

This document acts as a marriage certificate abroad. Spouses can then make an application to the Governorship of the District where their residence is located, together with the document “Formula B”.

The legal basis of the apostille annotation is The Hague Convention. This is a multilateral treaty that many countries are a party to. Countries that have signed-up to the treaty require an apostille from each other in order for a document to be valid in their own country. The Apostille will not have any effect in those countries that are not party to the treaty. You can check from this link whether your country is a signatory of the treaty.

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