Visas & Immigration updates in Turkey

Turkish Citizenship By Property Purchase

You may be considering taking advantage of the opportunity offered by the Turkish government of buying property in Turkey and getting residency - a possibility where the property is worth at least 250.000 dollars and which you have purchased after 18.9.2018.  The details of the process are contained in Article 12 of the Turk... Read More

Immigration Turkey Process

In accordance with the Foreigners and International Protection dated 2013, foreign nationals may apply for residency permits, work permits and citizenship in Turkey once they fulfil the requirements. Residency Permits If any foreigner wishes to apply for a Turkish residency permit: An online application form should be com... Read More

Important Considerations if applying for Turkish Nationality

Turkey has been an attractive option for many people as a result of its geographical location. If you are thinking about investing in Turkey and living here, a Turkish passport will give you many advantages. You will not have to constantly carry your residence permit around with you and you will also benefit from tax advantages... Read More

Buying Property in Turkey and Residency

In recent years, residency of a country has become a tool to encourage foreign investment by Governments, to serve the labour and economic policies of States. Hence the Republic of Turkey aims to attract investors by offering them citizenship. Investors can either qualify by purchasing a property of a minimum value of 250.000 U... Read More

Turkish Residence Permits

In recent years, Turkey has become a popular destination country for immigration, mainly as a result of its geographical location. The numbers migrating to Turkey in 2020 were up to 677,042 - an increase of 17.2% compared to the previous year. 54.4 percent of these were men and 45.6 percent were women. Some of these application... Read More