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Joanne, really took the time to explain the process and the best way to fulfill our requests. She was very good at communicating timelines and what was to be expected. She worked quickly to make sure we completed our process.
Flavia Krause
Flavia Krause
28 Mar 2024

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Restraining Orders

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Who Can Benefit from this Service?

  • If you need protection from harassment, stalking, violence, or threats by another individual, you may request a restraining order in Greece. 
  • Such an order is particularly beneficial for victims of domestic violence, individuals experiencing harassment, or anyone who feels their safety is at risk due to the actions of someone else.
Who Can Benefit from this Service?

Useful Information

In Greece, the laws that regulate the issuing of restraining orders primarily fall under the jurisdiction of family law and criminal law. The legal framework is designed to protect individuals from violence, threats, or harassment. Key provisions include:

  • The Greek Penal Code (Criminal Law): It addresses various forms of violence, including domestic violence, and provides the basis for restraining orders against individuals who pose a threat to others. The Penal Code outlines the conditions under which an individual can be restrained from approaching or contacting the victim.
  • Law 3500/2006 on Domestic Violence: This law specifically targets domestic violence and aims to protect victims, including spouses, partners, and family members. It allows for the issuance of measures that can include barring the aggressor from entering the shared home, approaching the victim, or communicating with them in any way.
  • The Civil Code: In some cases, the Civil Code can also be relevant, especially when it comes to issuing orders related to personal safety in situations that might not strictly fall under criminal law or domestic violence.
  • Law 4478/2017: This law, among other provisions, establishes procedures for the protection of victims of crimes, including domestic violence. It offers a more integrated approach to victim protection, covering both procedural and practical aspects of enforcement.

The process for obtaining a restraining order typically involves the victim filing a petition with the appropriate court, providing evidence of the threat or harm they are facing. 

The court then assesses the situation and can issue a temporary restraining order swiftly, often without the presence of the alleged aggressor. This is followed by a more comprehensive review that can lead to a permanent order.

Useful Information


  • Proof of threat or harm: Documentation or evidence showing the behaviour of the individual from whom protection is sought.
  • Legal identification: Valid identification for the applicant.
  • Application form: Completed application for a restraining order, available through legal services or courts.

Process: Step by Step

  1. Initial Consultation: We begin with a confidential consultation to understand your situation and the nature of the threats you are facing.
  2. Evidence Collection: Our team assists in gathering necessary documentation, such as messages, emails, or witness statements, to support your case.
  3. Filing the Application: We prepare and file the restraining order application on your behalf, ensuring all legal requirements are met.
  4. Representation in Court: If required, our legal experts will represent you in court, advocating for the issuance of the restraining order.
  5. Follow-up: We monitor the situation after the order is issued, providing further legal assistance as needed.
Process: Step by Step

Advantages of this Service

  • Expertise in Family Law: Our team specialises in family law and protection orders, ensuring knowledgeable and effective representation.
  • Confidentiality and Sensitivity: Understanding the emotional stress involved, we handle every case with utmost confidentiality and empathy.
  • Comprehensive Support: From legal advice to court representation, we offer a full range of services to secure your safety and peace of mind.
Advantages of this Service

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