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Rakesh Rathod
Rakesh Rathod
14 Jun 2024

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Tourism License Application

This service is available across Italy

Who Can Benefit from this Service?

  • Individuals or businesses aiming to offer short-term rental accommodations to tourists in Italy. 
  • Such accommodation may range from single rooms to entire apartments or houses.
Who Can Benefit from this Service?


  • Regional Identification Code (CIR): All holiday lets must be registered to obtain a CIR, ensuring properties are recognized by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food, Forestry Policies, and Tourism. The exact procedure for acquiring this code can vary by region, highlighting the importance of contacting local authorities for specific guidance
  • Fiscal Compliance: Property owners are subjected to a tax regime known as "cedolare secca," which imposes a 21% tax on rental income for up to four properties. Properties beyond this limit fall under the standard income tax (IRPEF) with applicable regional and municipal surcharges
  • Data Communication to Agenzia delle Entrate: Recent regulations mandate the communication of the rental year and the property's cadastral data to Italy's financial administration, aiming to improve oversight and combat tax evasion (Trend Online).

Process: Our Approach

  1. Obtaining the CIR: Engage with your regional or local tourism authority to apply for the CIR. This code is crucial for legal operation and must be displayed in all promotional materials and platforms 
  2. Tax Registration: Ensure you are aligned with the cedolare secca tax regime for your first four properties, or properly manage IRPEF obligations for any additional properties
  3. Communicating with Agenzia delle Entrate: Submit the required property information via the telematic services provided by the financial administration to meet the new regulatory requirements.
Process: Our Approach

Benefits of this Service

  • Legal Operation: Compliance with these regulations ensures your holiday let operates within the legal framework, avoiding potential fines and legal issues.
  • Marketability: The CIR enhances your property's appeal to potential guests by verifying its legitimacy and compliance with Italian tourism standards 
  • Fiscal Advantages: Adhering to the cedolare secca regime offers a straightforward, fixed-rate tax solution, potentially offering savings over the standard income tax model
Benefits of this Service

Useful Information

  • The requirements and procedures can vary significantly by region, underscoring the importance of local engagement.
  • The recent introduction of mandatory data communication underscores Italy's commitment to regulating and improving the short-term rental market.
Useful Information

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