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Elsa has been running a private legal practice since 2004, assisting both national and international clients in civil and business legal matters. In addition to her primary law degree, Elsa later obtained a Master’s Degree at the University of Austin, in the United States, with a postgraduate doctorate in international trade as well as mediation, arbitration and negotiation.
Oh, Elsa spent so much effort in my request, she was so amazing! She also always asked if everything was fine and she was happy to assist me at any time without charging any additional costs. You did a great job, Elsa!
Florian Kotzwara
Florian Kotzwara
29 Oct 2023
39 completed cases
Speaks languages Speaks PortugueseSpeaks English

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Navigating legal matters in Lisbon as an English-speaking expat can be challenging, but our experienced English-speaking lawyers in Lisbon are here to provide expert guidance and support.

Our Lisbon-based legal team excels in a range of legal fields, including real estate law, Wills & Probate, visas and immigration, business, and taxation matters. With deep knowledge of both Portuguese and international laws, our lawyers ensure that English-speaking clients in Lisbon and the surrounding districts of Cascais, Sintra, Setubal, and Estoril receive comprehensive and clear legal advice.

Choosing a lawyer in Lisbon who is fluent in English can greatly simplify the legal process for you. Our legal experts are committed to making your legal journey in Lisbon as straightforward and positive as possible, ensuring that you feel informed and at ease every step of the way.

Our lawyers in Lisbon are renowned for their expertise, reliability, and trustworthy approach. They are adept at navigating the complexities of Portuguese law, making them the first choice for English-speaking expatriates and businesses in need of legal assistance in Lisbon and its surrounding areas.

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Buying, Selling & Dealing with Property in Portugal

G o o g l e Review

I had the pleasure to meet Elsa through Advocate Abroad. She helped me with the purchase of my condo in Lisbon. Elsa was very efficient, kind and experimented. She reviewed all the property documents and attended the closing with me so she could explain the content of the deed that was, of course w ... [read more]

Pascale (31 Jul 2023)

Visas & Immigration Services

She went above and beyond the call of duty, was extremely thorough and proactive

Rebecca Colestock (06 Oct 2023)

Business Law & Accounting Services

ilaria provided guidance with a complex problem.

John Simeone (10 Jul 2023)

Probate Law: Wills & Inheritance

Francisca is the uber professional! She was consistently calm yet friendly— even though the notary had cancelled twice and had a long waiting time.

Suzanne P (04 Dec 2023)

Administrative & Employment Matters

Expertise in her field, Good understanding, and great in communication, finding ways that work best for her clients. Honest and well spoken.

Fernando Carvalho (30 Nov 2023)

Tax Returns & Fiscal Services

ilaria provided guidance with a complex problem.

John Simeone (10 Jul 2023)

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