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Rosa’s service was outstanding, organised, efficient and professional . Explained everything clearly and had a lovely friendly manner.
Julie Ellison
Julie Ellison
01 Sep 2023

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Golden Visa

This service is available across Spain

Who Is This Service For?

Introduced by Law 14/2013, the Golden Visa in Spain offers high net-worth individuals and their families the possibility to live and work in Spain. The Visa is initially valid for two years, renewable for 5 years and eventually a permanent residency visa and even naturalisation to become a Spanish citizen (after 10 years residency) is an option.

In April 2024, the Spanish government announced plans to curtain the Golden visa, and remove the option to obtain a residency visa in Spain via investment in property. 

Who Is This Service For?


Standard requirements for successful applications for this visa:

  • Main applicant must be over 18 years of age
  • Valid passport
  • Valid Birth Certificate
  • Suitable private health insurance
  • No criminal record in Spain or in country of Origin
  • Evidence of having made one of the approved investments


Approved Investments The most popular qualification route is the purchase of property valued at €500,000 (without a mortgage). The visa permits the holder to enter and exit Spain as and when they wish, without any requirement to spend a minimum period of time in Spain, as is typically the case with other residency visas issued in Spain. Other options include:

  • A significant business investment that either involves meaningful job creation or is likely to have a significant socioeconomic impact in the area where the investment takes place or is an innovative business with technological or scientific impact
  • €2 million on Spanish Treasury bonds
  • €1 million on Spanish company shares
  • €1 million in investment funds
  • €1 million in bank deposits in Spanish financial institutions


  • Expedited Process (much simpler than other visa application processes)
  • Golden Visa holder may leave and return to Spain as often as they wish without restriction
  • This visa confers a right to both live and work in Spain
  • Longer residency approved initially with less renewal requirements
  • The visa holder may be joined by their immediate family

Potential Issues

Unfortunately, it is common to see applications fail because the applicant failed to provide the detailed information that the local authorities demand to receive before granting approval.

This can of course be avoided by contracting an experienced immigration lawyer to manage the process on your behalf.

Potential Issues

What Does This Service Consist Of?

  • An initial discussion with lawyers highly experienced in making successful applications for a Golden Visa
  • An application for visa by property purchase is prepared, and all other documents required for a successful application are assembled under the guidance of your lawyer
  • Your lawyer makes the application to the appropriate governmental bodies (Large Business Unit in Madrid), on your behalf, in the correct time-frame
  • You will be informed of the success of the application
  • Once approved, your lawyer will assist you to collect your TIE (foreigner identity card)
What Does This Service Consist Of?

Free Support Services Included

When combined with the free and innovative Advocate Abroad support services you can be sure that you are obtaining completely transparent legal services from registered and regulated English-speaking lawyers abroad.These support services include:

  • Verification of the regulatory status of your professional.
  • Fees as recommended by the Local Professional Body
  • Fees specified in advance and legally guaranteed.
  • Service levels agreed in advance and guaranteed.
  • All professionals must hold professional indemnity insurance.
  • Professionals' proficiency in English monitored.
  • Continuous quality controls and reviews.
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