Property Law updates in Italy

Buying Property in Sicily

Due to the uniqueness of its history and climate, Italy has always been an attractive option for those people seeking to purchase a property to relocate and/to spend their holidays. More specifically, many choose Sicily, a place of unparalleled geographical and architectural richness and where Summer last far longer than else... Read More

Buying Property in Italy: the how-to Legal Guide

About This GuideWelcome to the Advocate Abroad® guide to purchasing a property in Italy! This property guide will give you an overview of the conveyancing process in Italy, including information on both your and the seller's legal rights and obligations as well as pitfalls to avoid. Of course, no guide can take the place of in... Read More

Renting in Italy Long Term

If you are moving to Italy, whether for work or studying reasons, the first issue you have to face is finding accommodation. Renting an apartment in Italy is perhaps different to other countries like the United Kingdom or the US in that in Italy, they are almost always rented directly by owners whereas in the UK or US apartment... Read More