Tenants: Avoid Losing your deposit when a lease ends

Advice for Tenants when leaving a Rented Property in Spain, at the end of contract with landlord: a little of time saves lots of headache.

Deposit Return Tenants Spain

Over the past month we have had various clients ask for advice on ending their contract with their landlord. We have therefore put together the following guidelines to prevent any issues that may occur between your landlord and yourself when leaving a rented property:

    • The day before your contract ends or the day before you leave the property, you must contact your telephone, water, gas and electricity providers to pay the pending bills and to cancel your contracts with them. Also, to prevent any incorrect future payments to your account, we advise that you change the billing account. You can leave this to the landlord, but we strongly advise you to do this yourself as it takes a very short amount of time and can prevent future upsets with the owner of the property.
    • On the day of leaving the property you must visit the property with the owner to sign documentation regarding the state of the property, and the remaining rights of both parties. If there is no damage, neither party will have any future rights, the keys will be handed in, the deposit will be returned and the contract ends there. Unfortunately, if there is damage, the deposit may be kept by the landlord, and a contract must be signed by both parties stating the remaining rights of each half.
    • Whether or not the property has been left with or without damage, we recommend you take photos of all of the rooms in case they are later needed for proof. You may have to prove in court that the damages were not caused by you, and photos can be a great help.
    • If your landlord refuses to accept your keys, make sure to send them a burofax or telegram reporting that you’re leaving keys into the post box or similar, always with receipt acknowledged.
    • If, after 10 days, you have left the property your landlord has not offered to reimburse your deposit or has not presented a written list of damages, make sure to legally require the return of your deposit, this will help a lot if future legal action is required.

We hope that this information has been useful.

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    Anna, Barcelona
    Oct 29, 2020

    Raffaele got in touch very fast, listened carefully and was very supportive of the matter. Thank you !

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