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Evictions in Spain

The process for removing a non-paying tenant from a property has been changed by Ley 37/2011 which attempts to speed-up the process.

While it has certainly improved the legal process, the under-resourced court system still constitutes an impediment to a truly fast system. In any case, the process is as follows:

Notice to Quit

Once the rent has fallen due and is unpaid, the landlord should present a demand to the tenant that the outstanding rent be paid (usually by burofax available in the post office which is proof that it was sent on a particular date).

The reason for doing this is that it allows for the possibility of the tenant leaving the property without having to go through the legal process and the expense involved in hiring a solicitor, court taxes etc. Where the tenant voluntarily leaves the property is probably the best possible outcome in most cases, at least from the point of view of legal costs.

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  • Ilona Barta
    Ilona Barta, Torrevieja

    Inma was extremely helpful: she responded promptly and kept us up dated during our case every day. She possesses great negotiation skills that led to success in our case. Great value for money for complicated issue. Inma also made us clear about Spanish legislations and law that was helpful.

    Approachable and highly professional. Can't express enough our gratitude. We will definitely recommend Inma.

    Great service.

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    Colin Stuart Farmer, UK

    Juan Ignacio met me in Almeria and with skill and persistence was able to deal with the eviction of a non paying tenant in a very short time, and avoided long and drawn out court processes.(The time factor was important because after gaining access it became apparent that the occupant was rapidly trashing the place.).

    At all times he maintained personal contact with continuous updates during the process.

    A great bloke, great job done and good value.

    Hopefully he can do the same for when I sell the place.

    Dec 15, 2017
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    Bjarne ten Harkel, The Netherlands

    My lawyer Rossana is an honest person and highly professional. She is simpatico. I would definitely hire this lawyer again.

    Nov 22, 2017