Divorce Service in Amposta

By contracting English-speaking lawyers in Amposta you will ensure that all of your questions and concerns about the divorce process in Spain are understood and fully answered.
Furthermore, this high-level communication will make sure that any specifics about your particular situation will not be overlooked.

These English-speaking lawyers have a great deal of experience in dealing with family law issues, particularly those that involve clients not from Spain.

This particular law firm has been chosen because of the value for money they are offering, their experience and their level of English.


What services will your lawyer offer?

Your lawyer will be able to offer any of the following services:
•    Filing of the divorce petition to the Spanish Courts

•    Formal legal response upon receipt of a petition for divorce

•    Negotiation of all terms of the divorce settlement

•    Drafting of the divorce agreement

•    Division and distribution of Matrimonial Assets


What issues will your lawyer address?

Your experienced family lawyer will advise you on the following issues as required:

•    Custody of the children

•    Visitation rights of the non-custodial parent

•    The ‘Patria Potestad’ or Exercise of parental authority

•    Child support payments

•    Alimony or spousal maintenance

•    Distribution of the matrimonial assets

•    Use and enjoyment of the marital home


Code of Reasonable Fees

Our clients can expect to receive a quotation that is at or below the recommended guideline prices by the Law Society of Reus.


Innovative Support Services

By choosing a lawyer on the Advocate Abroad network you will benefit from additional protection afforded by our innovative support services that are included free of charge. These support services include:

1.    Verification that your lawyer is Law Society registered and regulated.

2.    Fees set within the parameters established by the relevant Law Societies.

3.    Legal fees specified in advance.

4.    Services to be provided in accordance  with up-front service  agreement.

5.    Assurance that all lawyers possess professional indemnity insurance.

6.    Lawyers’ standards of English reviewed individually by myAdvcocate Spain.

7.    Continuous quality controls and reviews.

8.    Low cost legalisation service.



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