Setting-up a Diving Business in Spain

Setting-up a Diving Business in Spain: discover what only the top, expert accounting services accountant/tax lawyer in Spain know about setting-up a diving business in spain

If you are considering setting-up a diving business, Spain is one of the most popular destinations for the practice of this type of sport, especially in the Canarian archipelago, which due to it’s natural beauty and location, generates a great deal of interest for this type of investor.

From a business investment point of view, it is important to note that such activities are regulated by Law-Decree 2055/1969 which regulates the exercise of sub-aquatic activities across Spain, with the law being approved in 1973. Likewise, it is fundamentally important to take into account the safety regulations in Legislative Order 14 of 1997, with it’s respective modifications.

Of course, for business investors, the most important initial concern is to understand the regulations they must comply with in order to open premises from which they can develop their business. For this aspect of the business, it is necessary to consider the regional laws that regulate how such premises function correctly.

As an example, it is necessary to obtain an ‘opening licence’, which is a process carried-out at the local Town Hall, with said licence declaring that the referred to premises have the legally required facilities to carry-out the activity, that is to say, as well as the structural plans of the building, there should also be compliance with the safety requirements such as emergency exists, changing rooms, toilets and an area devoted to equipment storage.

In summary, setting-up a diving business requires compliance with a number of national and regional laws. This is quite a complex matter and will require a Spanish speaker to assist, preferably a lawyer with knowledge of the regulatory system. Once you have satisfied all of the requirements for starting business you will then of course have to  comply with Spain’s fiscal and tax laws.

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