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Work Visa with offer of Employment in Italy

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Service Details

Work Visa with offer of Employment

Available in the following locations: Bergamo, Milan.

* If your local town is not listed, a lawyer from our nearest office will be happy to assist you.


1Who is this Service for?

Just as in many other countries, Italy maintains a list of those jobs for which it is difficult to find employees in Italy, or the EU, and therefore maintain a national list of jobs for which employers may advertise and fill the positions with employees from outside the EU.

If you have received an offer of such employment the employer must make the appropriate application to the designated Government body and the employee must comply with the immigration process.

Alternatively, an EU scheme – known as the EU Blue Card – permits those with sufficiently advanced academic qualifications or work experience to apply for and receive a visa permitting them to live and work in Spain.

A firm offer of employment is also a requirement. Other limitations include the fact that the salary offered must be a minimum of 1.5 x average salary.

2What does this service consist of?

  • An initial discussion with lawyers highly experienced in making successful applications for residency and work visas based on either the EU Blue Card scheme or the filling of a job for which it is not possible to find suitable candidates in Italy/EU
  • Assistance and advice on the documentation required and completing and submitting the forms before stipulated deadlines to ensure the application is approved
  • Advice and assistance with applications on behalf of the worker’s spouse and family (if required)
  • Assistance upon arrival with obtaining foreign residency cards
Support services

3Free Support Services Included

When combined with the free and innovative Advocate Abroad support services you can be sure that you are obtaining completely transparent legal services from registered and regulated English-speaking lawyers abroad.These support services include:

  • Verification of the regulatory status of your professional.
  • Fees as recommended by the Local Professional Body
  • Fees specified in advance and legally guaranteed.
  • Service levels agreed in advance and guaranteed.
  • All professionals must hold professional indemnity insurance.
  • Professionals' proficiency in English monitored.
  • Continuous quality controls and reviews.

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