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Buying Property in Ibiza demands caring for properties not complying with planning rules nor possess required permits could be demolished.
Article Published: 28 Sep, 2015, Updated: 23 Apr, 2023 under Property Purchase

Ibiza Properties May Have Irregular Planning Applications

If you are buying property in Ibiza, it is very important to conduct a preliminary inquiry into its legality before making any payment or assuming any obligations.

On this island there are a large number of properties or extensions to properties that do not comply with the current planning rules and nor do they hold the necessary permits and, consequently, are not legal.

This affects principally rural properties, many of which were built many years ago by their original owners who failed to apply for official planning permission to construct the properties.

Furthermore, many such properties are located in areas that are protected and where construction of residential property is prohibited.

As a result of the foregoing, we would strongly  recommend that a prospective purchaser contacts a legal expert to advise on whether the type of building or extension in question may be successfully legalised or not.

This will depend - among other things - on the exact location of the property, the size of the construction, build date , whether there are any disciplinary proceedings currently outstanding,  from the local authorities, relating to the property - or not.


The good news is that we are currently under an amnesty by which it is possible to legalise a construction by payment of a small fine.

Failure to take advantage of the amnesty could lead to an inspection for illegal constructions, and an order for demolition of the property may well follow.

Buying Property in Ibiza: example of fined and demolished property

For example, not too long ago, an international musician was penalised for the construction of an illegal property in St. Antonio. The Court of Palma condemned him to a term of six months in prison and a fine of 10,800 euros as the perpetrator of a crime against land management (delito contra la ordenación del territorio) during the construction of his residence in a rural Ibiza. The house was demolished in 2009 in compliance with a court ruling that declared illegal construction in 2001.

Therefore, it can be seen that when buying a property in Spain in general - and Ibiza specifically - it is critical to have clear answers regarding the legality of the construction before purchasing a home since a buyer could well have to deal with very high costs in order to legalise the property (assuming that this is even possible ) and could even be exposed to significant financial penalties by the competent authorities.

Accordingly it is not advisable to even consider trying to do this by yourself - always ensure that you have an independent lawyer to assist (not one recommended by any party to the conveyance who will receive fees/commission only if the conveyance goes ahead) to assist. Of course, Advocate Abroad Ibiza will assist clients who may be concerned regarding the legality of any property that they are interested in acquiring.

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