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Oscar is a lawyer based in Barcelona who obtained his degree at the Barcelona University 20 years ago. He leads a law firm highly experienced in Real Estate law, Inheritance, Rental Agreements, Family Law, Debt Recovery, Litigation, Breach of Contracts and Immigration. Besides Spanish and Catalan, his firm is also able to provide legal advice and representation in Russian. You can just contact him to arrange an appointment locally in his office, by telephone or Skype.
We had been looking for a lawyer who was Spanish, but English speaking, to help us write our Spanish Wills. We found Oscar through Advocate Abroad. He was quick to respond to messages, knowledgeable and guided us through the whole process, taking into account Spanish laws that we weren’t aware of. He also organised the appointment at the notary and made the whole process stress-free. We would highly recommend contacting Oscar if you need help writing a will in the Barcelona area.
Sarah Percival
Sarah Percival
01 May 2024
Trustpilot Review
241 completed cases
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Looking for reliable Lawyers in Barcelona?

Welcome to our dedicated legal services for English-speaking expatriates and individuals living in - or planning to relocate to - Barcelona. Our firm, with office located in the heart of Barcelona, specializes in providing comprehensive legal assistance to the English-speaking community.

What practice areas do our lawyers in Barcelona handle?

Of course, we have a profound understanding of the unique challenges faced by expatriates who have made Barcelona their home, and we offer a wide range of legal and tax services tailored to meet the specific needs of those living or moving to this vibrant city.

Our independent lawyers (abogados in Spanish) complement each other such that they are able to offer assistance equivalent to a full service law firm.  

Real estate Transactions

Our services include real estate law, helping you navigate the complexities of purchasing or renting property in Barcelona. We provide expert guidance on local property laws, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction from finding a home through to offer, reservation and exchange of contracts.

Given the high numbers of expats who choose to rent in Barcelona, we often find ourselves providing assistance and support in this area. Whether it is reviewing a lease ahead of renting a property or helping to resolve a dispute, we are highly experienced in resolving such matters efficiently and effectively.

Business Law Firm in Barcelona, Spain

For those seeking to start a business or invest in Spain, our commercial law expertise is invaluable. We assist with company formations, contracts, and compliance with Spanish business regulations.

Immigration Law

In addition, we offer specialized services in immigration law, guiding you through visa applications, residency permits, and citizenship processes.

Family Law

Our family law services cater to personal matters such as marriage, divorce, and custody, respecting your privacy and cultural nuances.


Employment Law

Our lawyers are able to provide labour law advice to clients - be they employees or employers. Dealing with employment laws in any country is complex, and Spain is no different - if anything it is more complex in that it is unique and has its own idiosyncrasies. 


Criminal Law

It is an unfortunate fact of life that English-speakers require legal advice on matters of criminal law.

Should you or a family member come up against the law and personal liberty is at stake, ensuring that you receive expert advice from experience solicitors in the field of criminal law is critical.

Wills & Probate

Inheritance tax law in Spain is a complex field and requires experience and up-to-date knowledge in order to navigate the process successfully.

It can often be the case that those dealing with probate may well be relatives in another country, with little understanding of local laws. We understand this and appreciate that dealing with unfamiliar tax systems, in foreign countries, requires the best level of communication and expertise in English from the beginning and throughout the process.

Tax Advice

Our lawyers in Barcelona offer a comprehensive solution to navigating the complexities of Spanish tax laws.

We understand that moving to a new country comes with its challenges, especially in dealing with unfamiliar tax systems, these services provide expert guidance in English.

We specialise in addressing the unique tax obligations and opportunities that expats face, such as non-resident tax returns, wealth tax implications, and potential tax benefits such as Beckham law.

With personalized consultations, these services ensure that expats comply with Spanish tax regulations while optimizing their financial situation. This support is crucial in making the transition to life in Barcelona smoother and more financially sound.

Commitment to our Clients in Barcelona

At the core of our practice is a commitment to customer care. Our team of bilingual lawyers offers personalized attention, ensuring clear communication and understanding of your legal needs. We pride ourselves on providing empathetic, efficient, and effective legal support, making your transition to life in Barcelona as seamless as possible.

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Visas & Immigration Services

Raffaele was very helpful, knowledgeable and the most important to me was that he communicated clearly, no Grey area with him. I like the way he follows up and honestly the value for money is very convenient for me.

Mona Aoun (13 Jun 2023)

Probate Law: Wills & Inheritance

Trustpilot Review

We had been looking for a lawyer who was Spanish, but English speaking, to help us write our Spanish Wills. We found Oscar through Advocate Abroad. He was quick to respond to messages, knowledgeable and guided us through the whole process, taking into account Spanish laws that we weren’t aware of ... [read more]

Sarah Percival (01 May 2024)

Family Law

Considering the circumstances of our situation, he was very attentive, professional, understanding and provided us with the best solution to our situation.

Amera (17 Oct 2023)

Criminal Law

Trustpilot Review

Advocate Abroad provided an excellent service. Raffaele was extremely professional. Requests were executed in a timely manner and communication was clear and informative.

Lorenzo Campbell (11 Mar 2024)

Administrative & Employment Matters

G o o g l e Review

Over the past few years, this law firm in Barcelona has been my preferred choice. As a British expat, I've frequently needed to have documents witnessed and translated. The ability to receive documents in English directly eliminates the need for sworn translations, simplifying the process. Also ... [read more]

Julia Mattey (30 Apr 2024)

Litigation & General Claims

G o o g l e Review

Raffaele was an excellent advocate, he listened to my concerns, clarified my legal position and helped to resolve a difficult situation. I highly recommend his services and I am very grateful for his swift and effective help.

Katherine Mayne (16 Jan 2024)
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