Tax Returns & Fiscal Services updates in Spain

Discover How Capital Gains Tax in Spain Can Affect Your Investments

Capital gains tax can be a complex area for many who have never dealt with it before.In Spain, this tax can be particularly nuanced depending on an individual's residency status. Residents, EU residents, and non-EU residents all have different rules to navigate when it comes to reporting and paying capital gains tax.Essentially,... Read More

Tax Form 720 Spain: Avoiding Penalties

Those who are tax resident in Spain (both local Spanish residents and expats resident in Spain) are legally obliged to provide information to the Spanish tax authorities regarding any offshore accounts, offshore investments, and real estate located abroad. It should be noted that tax form 720 does not imply additional taxation... Read More

Tax in Spain: Everything Expats Need to Know

The Spanish tax system is notoriously complex. This isn't helped by the fact that tax in Spain is administered not only by the central Tax Agency (Hacienda) but also by the regional governments, of which there are 17.As in other countries, the taxes that you will have to deal with will depend on your status in the country - are ... Read More