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Retirement in Spain - a Post-Brexit pipe-dream for UK Pensioners?

The Spain Retiree VisaOver the last few decades, more and more pensioners from the UK and other northern-European countries have considered retiring abroad, with many making the decision to retire to Spain. Their motives are clear: why spend all year in a cold and damp climate when there is a sunnier, warmer alternative just a c... Read More

Non-lucrative Visa Spain - how to get long term residency in Spain

For those moving to Spain, you will inevitably become entangled in the complex world of Spanish visas.It can be difficult to work out which visa is most appropriate for you, never mind which visa you may qualify for. So, here we discuss the non-lucrative visa, who can apply for it, what it permits the holder to do and how you go... Read More

Relocation to Spain

General Considerations when Moving to SpainPerhaps a result of the proximity of Brexit, the numbers choosing a relocation to Spain seem to be climbing. Another factor could be the tendency for more of us to opt for self-employment and the fact that a much higher proportion of such businesses may be run remotely, from any locatio... Read More

Moving to Spain from the UK

Moving to Spain from UK in 2023: what are your legal options?Following the transition period, Brexit has come and gone, the process for British citizens considering moving to Spain from the UK has become more arduous and complex.The process faced by British citizens who want to move to Spain is currently the same as for other no... Read More

Plan on Living in Spain after Brexit? Find out your best legal options

Background: Brexit negotiations, transitional period, and moreOn 29 March 2017 the UK formally triggered Article 50 - the formal process that a Member State uses to declare its intention to leave the EU.On 28 February 2018 a draft Withdrawal Agreement was published by the European Union to deal with, among other things, citizens... Read More

Golden Visa Spain 2023 | Residency in Spain By Investment

Law 14/2013 is the legislation that sets-out the rules and procedures of Spain's golden visa program, and makes it possible for foreign investors to have the right to Spanish residency. The visa confers a residency permit as well the right to work in Spain, initially confering a Spanish residence permit with a duration of one ye... Read More

Navigating the Spanish Visas Process: A Comprehensive Guide for Expats

 It is understandable that applicants can find the emigration process to Spain and the rest of the EU daunting. Moving to a new country can be a stressful experience, especially if you do not speak the language. Requirements and regulations vary according to which country the applicant is from and, for British citizens in parti... Read More

Residency in Spain: How to get from Tourist to Local!

Do you need to apply for a residency visa to live in SpainThe answer to this question depends on the answers to the following 3 questions:How long do you want to stay in Spain?Do you wish to work and earn an income while in Spain?Where are you from?We should first highlight one exceptional situation: If you don't plan to stay fo... Read More

How to get a Spanish NIE Number: a simple guide by Spanish lawyers

A somewhat foreign concept - especially for British citizens - is the national ID number. However, if you have dealings with Spain, in some cases even dealings of a temporary nature such as buying property in Spain for vacational use, it will be necessary to obtain a Spanish NIE.First things first. NIE stands for Número de Iden... Read More

Your Options for a Work Visa In Spain

Spain has long been a mecca for northern Europeans planning to spend their retirement in the sun. For most, this is a relatively painless journey, only needing to deal with some local bureaucracy. While Brexit has made the plans of UK pensioners more difficult to achieve, a non-lucrative visa in Spain is, nonetheless, within the... Read More