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I had a very good collaboration with Francisca. She was very supportive and informed me each time when a step of the process was accomplished. Her English is very good. I could communicate very well with her. I would recommend her at any time. Thanks
Albu Maria-Carmen
Albu Maria-Carmen
30 Sep 2023

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Property Lease Drafting Service

This service is available across Spain

Who Is This Service For?

Becoming a landlord – either intentionally or accidentally – is increasingly common in most countries. Likewise, many people now derive an income from the rental of properties they own in other countries. 

This service is ideal for landlords, particularly foreigners, who wish to lease their properties in Spain with peace of mind. 

It is beneficial for those who seek assurance against tenants refusing to pay or leave, and for those needing expert advice on renting in Spain

Our clients often face challenges related to property registry status, encumbrances, and compliance with urban regulations, which this service addresses by providing comprehensive legal advice and personalized assistance, ensuring a smooth and secure leasing process.


There are no specific eligibility requirements mentioned for availing of this service. 

However, clients, especially foreigners, are advised to have a clear understanding of their goals and to provide all necessary details such as full name, contact details, and property information. 

It is crucial for clients to ensure the legitimacy of the property ownership.


Lawyers providing this service normally follow the following procedure:

  1. Discuss with the landlord the nature of the property and details regarding their goals and future tenants
  2. Draft the tenancy agreement with appropriate clauses to safeguard the landlord's ownership of the property and enjoyment of the rental proceeds
  3. Answer any questions to address any doubts and concerns the landlord may have about their rights and obligations under Spanish law
  4. Arrange for the signing of the lease, as required.


Clients receive expert legal advice and personalized assistance throughout all stages of the leasing process, ensuring their maximum satisfaction. 

The service covers all legal aspects of leasing, from due diligence and negotiation to legal documentation and post-lease administration (as required). 

Clients are accompanied and advised throughout the entire process, providing them with safety and ease in their real estate investments in Spain. 

The service also manages post-purchase issues related to property administration, lease management, legal proceedings, tenant negotiations, and lease taxation (as required).

What Does This Service Consist Of?

  • Drafting of a standard lease or one that accords with your particular requirements and that conforms with the applicable laws
  • Advice on your rights and obligations when renting a property in this country
  • Arrange for the signing of the lease by the tenant
  • Ensure registration of the lease with the designated official body

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  • All professionals must hold professional indemnity insurance.
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