Guidelines for Sephardic Citizenship in SpainProof of Sephardic Origin

The legislation lists a number of documents to prove the status of Sephardic origin, not all of them are mandatory but the more that are presented the better. Also other documents proving Sephardic origin may be presented even though they are not on the list.

A certificate issued by the President of the Permanent Commission of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Spain, which can be ordered on the website of the federation: The cost of this certificate is 50 € (+VAT).

A certificate issued by the President or someone in a similar capacity of the Jewish community in the area of ​​residence or hometown of the interested and certificate of the competent rabbinic authority legally recognized in the country of habitual residence of the applicant.

In the case that the certificates issued by the President or similar charge of the Jewish community or by the competent rabbinic authority in the area of ​​residence or hometown are not accompanied by the certificate issued by the Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain, the Law provides alternative methods to prove the applicant’s suitability by providing duly authorized, apostilled or legalized and, if necessary, translated into Spanish by an official translator, all of the following documents:

  • A copy of the original statutes of the foreign religious entity. A partial copy which contains the data that identifies the document itself, data of establishment, functioning, form of representation and purposes of the entity, will be considered sufficient
  • Foreign entity certificate that contains the names of those who have been appointed as legal representatives.
  • A certificate or document which proves that the foreign entity is legally recognized in its country of origin.
  • A certificate issued by the legal representative of the company attesting that the signatory Rabbi holds, effectively and currently, such status under the requirements set out in its statutes.
  • Other documents that help to prove the status of Sephardim of Spanish origin: the use of the Ladino language, certified by a competent entity or where the surnames of the applicant are Sephardic of Spanish lineage.
  • Unequivocally Sephardic surnames of Spanish origin:  proving the family genealogy or that their Sephardic surnames come from the Sephardim expelled from the kingdoms of Castile, Aragon and Navarra or forced to convert to Christianity, since 1492.

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